ANSAT Light Utility Helicopter features single main rotor design with tail rotor. The helicopter combines conventional and innovative technical solutions: 

  • аll-metal fuselage structure; 
  • сomposite secondary structural elements; 
  • fiberglass MR and TR blades; 
  • hingeless MR hub ensures better helicopter controllability while providing considerable reduction in operating costs; 
  • anti-icing system; 
  • high level of safety, system robustness, shock absorbing passengers and pilot seats. 

The helicopter is developed in accordance with AP-29 (FAR-29) Category A regulations and meets high safety standards. 

A wide range of optional equipment satisfies the most demanding customers.

  • Search & Rescue - Searching and evacuation of the survivors and injured
  • Transport - Internal cargo transportation
  • Medevac - Evacuation of survivors (patients) to medical facilities 
  • Police - Operational task performance
  • Passenger - Transportation of up to 7 passengers 
  • VIP - Transportation of up to 5 passengers  in the improved-comfort environment
  • Training - Personal flight training



For Search and Rescue operations helicopter can be fitted with search light, hoist with boom, loudspeaker. 

Helicopter can be equipped with radio electronic SAR equipment. 

For overwater flights helicopter can be equipped with life rafts and life vests.


In transport version the payload of up to1 076 kg may be transported inside the cabin in special containers or secured with the net.

Cabin floor has the provisions for cargo tie-down fittings.

Cargo cabin value: 6,7 m3


EMS version of the helicopter is completed with medical module providing transportation of one injured person (or patient) who needs intensive care and respective intensive care equipment. Module is quick-detachable and can be installed/dismantled off the helicopter within 15 minutes. The helicopter is equipped with two shock-absorbing seats. A folding seat at the bedside of the patient for a medical attendant may be additionally installed. Medical module is installed on rails provided on the floor panel of the helicopter passenger cabin. 

The medical module from is intended for application aboard the ANSAT helicopter for the purpose of medical evacuation of one stretcher case in extremely poor condition and grave condition, continuous monitoring of injured person condition, maintaining its vital functions and carrying out of intensive care by medical team during evacuation within the scope of special medical assistance. This module provides for a possibility of special care of evacuated injured person.


  • Rendering of first medical aid, medical assistance and emergency medical care to the injured persons on the scene of the accident and their preparation for transportation to basic medical facilities; 
  • Resuscitation, intensive critical care and monitoring of primary functions of vital activity of injured persons during transportation; 
  • Emergency sparing medical evacuation of injured persons in the helicopter. 

Module is supplied with power from the helicopter electrical system and provides for medical equipment operability and recharging during flight. Maximum power consumed by one module medical equipment units is 1 kW maximum.


  1. “Pulmonetic LTV-1000” or “Pulmonetic LTV-1200” Artificial pulmonary ventilation apparatus 
  2. “Criticare 503 DX” Pulsoxymeter 
  3. “Weinmann Corpuls 3” Monitoring and defibrillation system 
  4. “Weinmann Accuvac Rescue” Aspirator 
  5. “B/Braun” Syringe pump 
  6. “Spencer Nexus” Vacuum mattress with pump and bag
  7. “Spencer Res-Q-Splint” Set of vacuum splints 
  8. “Spencer Jems” Set of cervical collars for adults and children 
  9. “Spencer Rock” Plastic spine board with accessories 
  10. “Weinmann ULM Case II” Handy case of emergency doctor
  11. “Weinmann ULM Case System Baby” Handy case of emergency doctor


Up to 7 passenger seats may be installed in the passenger cabin. Seats are installed onto the floor panel with integrated rails.  All seats are fitted with four-point safety belts.

To ensure comfortable conditions the provision is made for air-conditioning and heating system in the cabin.


Police version of ANSAT helicopter ensures transportation of up to 6 servicemen and performs  various operational tasks.

  • SX-5 searchlight 
  • Satellite navigation system
  • Electro optical viewing system
  • Air-ground data link system
  • Loudspeaker
  • Transportation platforms
  • Up ceiling devices

  • Aerial surveillance in video and infrared modes;
  • Transmitting  of video signal to the control tower  up to 30 km distance;
  • Two-way communication with ground police units;
  • Transmitting through loudspeaker of sound signals, voice massages through external microphone or plugged in voice recorder;
  • Highlighting of ground area or viewed object with searchlight;
  • Placement up to 6 troopers on transportation platforms on port and starboard.

Electro optical viewing system modes :

1.  Laser ranging device:

  • measuring range from 100 meters up to 10 km;
  • measurement frequency is one pulse per second;

2.  Thermal vision camera:

  • spectral band 3-5 µm;
  • matrix  640x512 pixel;
  • continuous optical zoom;
  • optical zoom х 30;
  • local automatic level control.

3.  Color high resolution camera HD (1920x1080):

  • continuous optical zoom х 20;
  • automatic level control;  
  • automatic and manual focusing.

4. Narrow field of view high resolution camera HD (1920х1080):

  • automatic level control; 
  • image focusing.


Training aids have been developed and implemented to train flight and engineering technical personnel:

  • Procedure simulator;
  • Flight simulator;
  • Computer based training;
  • Real laboratories.


Standard delivery terms of a new ANSAT helicopter consists of:

  • 12 months or 300 flight hours guarantee;
  • individual kit of spare parts, tools and equipment;
  • maintenance kit, containing spare parts and equipment set;
  • technical documentation.

Helicopter delivery to the Customer can be done – either by sea or air. Helicopter direct ferry flight is also available.

Helicopter manufacturer provides a wide range of services related to the helicopter   operation, such as:

  • full technical support during helicopters operation;
  • guaranteed spare parts supply under AOG for the whole period of helicopter operation;
  • helicopter modernization;
  • helicopter overhaul both at Kazan Helicopters or Customer’s facilities;
  • flight and ground  personnel training.